How to Stop Yourself From Eating “Just Because” You’re Bored

You know the feeling all too well.

You’re bored.


You wonder what you can do to get rid of the boredom and, before you know it, you’re eating something. Anything. You’ll eat nearly anything to relieve your boredom.

Maybe you’re even part way through the candy bar before you realize you’ve even started it. Or it could be you just ate something but – without looking at the wrapper – you don’t even recall what it was. You’ve got no taste of what it was you just ate, no recollection at all unless you look at the discarded wrapper.

So how can you stop yourself eating just because you’ve nothing else to do?

Drink a glass of water. Real water, not water disguised as cola or coffee or tea. Maybe with a twist of lemon to give it some flavor. You’ll have “eaten” something which will fill you up a bit but that won’t add hundreds of calories. Get in the habit of regularly drinking water. Aim for eight glasses a day. It’s OK to gradually work up to that target. You’ll find that as you drink water more often, you’ll begin to make a habit of taking a sip or two of water instead of devouring a candy bar in seconds as you’d previously have done.

Chew some gum. This isn’t a habit that everyone wants to adopt, but if you’re OK with chewing gum it’s a good way to cut down on your boredom eating. So long as you don’t take the gum out of your mouth, wolf down a candy bar, then start chewing again. But at least you’ll have to think about the “take the gum out of your mouth” part of this, which may be enough to stop you raiding for the fridge again.

Distract yourself. Do something else. Anything else! Ideally, make this as far away from any food sources as possible. Keep your hands occupied so they can’t force food down your throat! Even if you don’t have a hundred percent success with this, consider yourself on track if you can abort even one in two of your boredom eating attacks – you’ll get better over time.

Start a new hobby. Chances are that one of the reasons that you eat when you’re bored is that you’re allowing yourself time to get bored in the first place. Taking up a new hobby will give you something to do with your spare time.

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