Is Your Food Killing You? Superfoods to the Rescue

Being healthy and living disease-free is one of the main goals in life that every person should want to achieve. This is one reason why most are choosing organic foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. But do you know that not all foods like these are good for you? If you are not careful, your food could be slowly killing you. Find out why!

Foods like fruits and vegetables are grown in soil and the quality of these foods will depend on the health and condition of the soil they are grown in. Using the same soil several times can deplete it from vitamins and minerals that the foods need. It is a sad fact that most farmers are choosing to use the fast and easy way to solve this problem. They use fertilizers that are usually made of chemicals that can be dangerous for your health.

Unlike natural fertilizers, chemicals can’t give the soil enough nutrients like vitamins and minerals that the fruits and vegetables need to grow healthy. They can only give the soil about 1.5% of the total nutrients it needs which could only mean that the fruits and vegetables grown in that soil will also be deficient of essential nutrients. To help them strengthen their defenses against pests and other bugs, most farmers use different kinds of pesticides to prevent worms and pests from eating the fruits and vegetables. These pesticides could even be more harmful to your health.

To make things worse, there are companies that change the way the food’s appearance, size, and even taste. This is called genetically modified foods. Genes and hormones derived from humans, animals, and plants will be inserted into the foods to make it look bigger, juicier, and plumper. Most companies even use antibiotics, steroids, and chemicals for this kind of modification.

They do this to so the food will last longer and be more disease resistant. Little testing has been done to qualify the safety of GMO foods. The modification process will surely bring in more profits to their pockets. They simply don’t care about the effects to your health or to the environment.

In order to avoid these kinds of foods, you can opt for organic foods and in particular, organic super foods. Superfoods are 100% natural and are grown in a naturally healthy soil. Growers of superfoods use natural fertilizers that are free of chemicals and are rich in minerals and nutrients that the soil needs to produce healthy and delicious foods. This way, you can be sure that you and your family are getting the right kinds of nutrients you need to stay healthy and strong without the possible and harmful side effects caused by chemicals.

Superfoods contain all of the essential nutrients that your body needs to keep you going all day. They are also proven to be effective in strengthening the body’s defense against sickness and infection. They even contain substances that could promote natural body healing from ailments and diseases. Superfoods also have high amounts antioxidants that are needed in detoxification and can keep your body clean from the inside. They can help your body systems to do their functions effectively thus reducing the risk of sickness and diseases.

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